Dental Hygiene Department – More Profitable Without Bloodshed?

dentist dentistry dr. aaron nicholas dr. mark costes efficiency Nov 03, 2020

In my multi-million-dollar dental practice, the dental hygiene department produces one-third of the production. Over a recent twelve-month-period my practice growth has been because of this productive hygiene department. Structuring your hygiene department and understanding what you as the doctor need to do to create a wildly productive department is the key to success.

Are you ready for your dental hygiene department to stop being a loss leader? Let us show you how by using our systems. If you need to increase your hygiene without having to over-treat, up-sell, and over-diagnose every patient, then there is a turn-key solution for you. After trial and error while making mistakes, I have constructed a system that can help any hygienist produce over $2,000 each day.

This system includes:

  • The processes that drive the increased production of a hygiene department and dental practice.
  • Structuring a hyper-producing hygiene schedule without appearing rushed.
  • What must occur on the doctor side of the practice in order to create an extremely productive hygiene department.

Have you ever said: “I am fed-up with my hygiene department being a permanent loss-leader”? Things don’t have to work that way. With these methods, you can run a profitable hygiene department like dental school suggested. We prefer to see a third of hygiene revenue being profit!

We offer a product on this website that provides this hygiene production system. The product has the following features:

  • Proven case presentation for higher fluoride acceptance
  • Systems for keeping your hygiene schedules full and profitable
  • Over the shoulder video of live patient treatment planning
  • Scripts and templates for interoffice communication and efficiency

If your hygiene department is not producing enough to justify their positions and forcing you to make up the difference then this product is for you! Click here to check out the Dental Hygienist Department Production course.

Thank you and please be sure to contact us if you would like more information about how to make your practice more efficient to improve your overhead.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas