Dental Insights Podcast from New Zealand

dentist dentistry dr. aaron nicholas dr. mark costes efficiency Nov 03, 2020

Recently I was interviewed by Dr. Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur podcast from Pog Mahone’s Irish Pub in Queenstown, New Zealand. We discussed dental insights from an international perspective.

Dr. Mark Costes and I were recently featured speakers at Dental Success Summit International 2016 in Auckland, NZ. We chatted about some of the notable differences in dentistry in New Zealand and the United States and how we were able to share what we learned with the doctors at the summit. We talked about how New Zealand isn’t insurance based but rather fee-for-service practices. We examined cash-based practice dental insights and effects on service and patient expectations.

I have been a frequent guest on The Dentalpreneur Podcast. I have been practicing dentistry for more than 27 years. I am also business coach and the developer of the clinical efficiency products: “The One Hour Molar Root Canal Build Up and Crown” and “Ultimate Anesthesia”. I have been  a featured speaker for Dental Success Summit 2016, both stateside and now internationally.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why training videos are easy and effective
  • How high revenue can mask flaws in office operations
  • How high production & lack of competition can create false security
  • Why overhead awareness is crucial to practice success
  • How a cash based dental industry operates

Special thanks to Dr. Mark Costes for  letting me speak at the Dental Success Summits in Auckland and the upcoming Summit in Sydney.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas