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The One Hour Molar Root Canal Build Up and Crown Course

8 CDE Credits 

Cost: $3297.00

Most dentists can hardly conceive of performing a Molar Root Canal in an hour, much less the Root Canal, Buildup and Crown.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years now and has learned a few things along the way. For example: what does it really take to perform efficient high quality root canal therapy? A little secret--it's not all that new stuff the big companies keep telling you that you have to have to do a good job.

In this course attendees will look at research-based information about what it really takes to do the job right. And you’ll get the Buildup and Crown done at the same time. This one day can actually get you looking forward to seeing those RCTs in your schedule and add production to office’s bottom line. 

October 13th, Las Vegas, NV
December 1st, Burtsonville, MD

Participants will learn or expand their knowledge of how to: 

  • Perform predictable, painless anesthesia for root canal therapy.
  • Identify why single visit Root canal therapy, buildup, and crown is preferable to multiple visits.
  • Understand how rearranging the order of the procedure can increase efficiency and lead to a better clinical outcome.
  • Understand how to systematize all aspects of the procedure.
  • Identify how to predictably and efficiently negotiate molar canals.
  • Avoid unnecessary repeated steps.
  • Learn how using a endo hand piece with an apex location can help save you time
  • Learn to efficiently use Oraseal (Ultradent) to seal the rubber dam

Get Your Assistant Up to Speed as Well! 

Train YOUR Assistant for One Hour Molar Root Canal, Buildup and Crown Course!

A molar root canal, buildup and crown in an hour of DOCTOR time is achievable but, not if the doctor has to go back into the operatory to support the assistant with rubber dam placement, temporary crown fabrication or general procedural flow.
Realizing this, we have developed a hands-on course for the assistants as well.
Following this one-day hands-on training, assistants will have the skills and processes to go back to the practice and support the doctor in being super-efficient with this procedure.
The bonus? This also translates well into all other areas of clinical dentistry.
Sign up your assistant after doctor registration for maximum impact in your practice!

$397 for First Assistant.

$297 for Each Additional Assistant. 

Participants will learn to:

Rubber Dams Placement

  • Select the right clamp for this case
  • Preemptively identify issues they might encounter when placing the rubber dam
  • Efficiently prepare and place the rubber dam
  • Avoid placement problems even on “tough” areas and patients
  • Alter the rubber dam to allow for anxious patients, mouth-breathers and heavy salivators

Temporary Crown Fabrication

  • Take the right pre-op impression for fabricating the temporary crown
  • Adjust the impression for maximum speed and efficiency in temporary fabrication
  • Quickly and accurately correct thin areas and missing margins
  • Get the contours right! Make a temp that actually looks and functions like a tooth.
  • Pick the right cementation protocol, even for those ultra-short teeth

(Assistants must attended with registered dentist. Sign up assistants after doctor registration is complete.) 


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