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Efficient Extractions Hands On Course

18 CDE Credits 

(10 Online Hours to be Completed Before Course) 

Cost: $4129.0


(Reach out to [email protected] for financing options.) 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Have you started an extraction and hours later finally finished?
  • If the tooth has had previous root canal therapy, is that an automatic referral?
  • Are you regularly referring all extractions except for periodontally involved teeth?
  • Do you regularly get calls after hours about post op pain from your extraction cases?
  • Do you have trouble getting patients numb for extractions?
  • Do your assistants try to talk you into referring all extractions because they are worried you’ll take too long and “tank” the schedule?
  • In order to prepare the site for the implant and increase production for this procedure are you performing “socket grafting” at the same time as the extraction?
  • Are you proficient enough at extractions to confidently add the procedure to your schedule and not worry about running behind?

We’ve all had those experiences…

  • Breaking off root tips below the bone that are then hard to remove.
  • “Digging” for hours to get a tooth out only to have to pack it up and send the patient to the oral surgeon to complete the procedure.
  • Wasting hours and still being unable to get the patient numb for a simple extraction.
  • Losing the trust of our patients and staff due to less than great results with a difficult extraction.


  • Having the expertise, proficiency, and confidence to handle all extractions in-office with absolute certainty.
  • Not needing to refer a patient for an extraction, all while decreasing your chair time, and increasing your bottom-line.
  • Extractions being your most comfortable procedure of the day.
  • Spending a few extra minutes to bone graft after the extraction to assure a great site for your future implant to be placed.
October 5th Ocala, FL

Bundle this Course and Get the Most from Your Weekend

Bundle our Hands On Efficient Extraction Course with our Hands On One Hour Molar Root Canal Buildup and Crown Course being held at the same location, October 4th. (The day before the extraction courses) and save $197 off the second course!

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Participants will learn or expand their knowledge of how to: 

  • Master minimally invasive extraction techniques
  • Accelerate and amplify extractions with an innovative focus on the roots 
  • Navigate dynamic solutions for missing clinical crowns or if a tooth breaks mid-procedure
  • Utilize less flaps for an expedited and less taxing healing process 
  • Slow down, and understand why it actually allows you to finish faster, making more space on your schedule, and increasing your production
  • Set the stage and create an ideal oral environment for future implants
  • Understand the of instrumentation: Why more toys does not always equal higher success rates
  • Decipher between productive cases and those that weigh down the schedule
  • Determine why previous root canal therapy does NOT have to be an automatic extraction referral
  • Handle patient communication comfortably before and after procedures
  • Techniques that will keep your surgical extraction time at 15-20 minutes

Please Note:

Sign up deadline is 14 days prior to dates listed above. 

Course includes 10 hours of online CE that must be completed prior to hands-on course in Florida. 

A temporary license for the state of Florida is required. Instructions will be provided after registration. 


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