One Hour Root Canal, Build Up, and Crown

Our One Hour Root Canal, Build Up, and Crown course will teach Dentists how to eliminate 99% of the headaches associated with single molar root canals and crown procedures and keep treatment “in-house”. 

Have you ever noticed that when an emergency patient needs to come in “right away”, it’s usually a molar that needs a root canal?


  • never having to send your patients to a specialist for the root canal trusting that they come back for the crown
  • being able to complete the root canal, buildup and crown in one appointment with no post op complications

Why Dentists Need This Course…

Of all the procedures we as dentists have to do on a regular basis, none is more dreaded or has a higher “pucker factor” than a molar root canal. It can be painful for the patient, unpredictable for the dentist and take far too much time out of our schedule to be profitable. What’s worse, following the procedure, we then have to worry about post op pain and less than optimal results. 

 We’ve all been there…

  • Struggling through a molar root canal for 2 hours
  • Unable to locate canals.
  • Separating a file in the tooth
  • Unable to instrument canals to length 
  • Losing the confidence of our patient and our staff
  • And in the end, referring the exhausted patient to the specialist

Course Options


CE Units

Live Hours

CE Units

Online Course Features :

  • Two full cases start to finish w/commentary and FAQs
  • Loupe camera close up of file-in-tooth procedure
  • Materials Sheet
  • Chair Side Cheat Sheet
  • Immediately Implementable Action Steps for Efficient Root Canal, Build-up and Crown.
  • Technique that can be used with any file system.
  • Watch at your leisure from your home/office/plane/train/automobile

If you have any questions along the way, we’re only a message away.

Hands On Course Features:

  • Immediately Implementable Action Steps for Efficient Root Canal, Build-up and Crown
  • Enhanced resources including material and chair-side cheat sheets and more
  • Hands on practice of as many RCTs as time allows
  • Practice breaking through and negotiating blockages and ledges
  • Practice with two different file systems
  • Master highly efficient crown prep techniques
  • Learn techniques to improve the efficiency of your chair-side assistant
  • In-depth discussion of maximizing standard of care while maximizing procedure efficiency
  • Research based discussion regarding the development of this technique
  • Build confidence and collapse the learning curve

What Dentists Are Saying About This Course

Revolutionized the Way I Do Dentistry

I have been in practice since 2008. I am a general dentist and I see a lot of emergency patients needing root canals. This system has revolutionized the way I do dentistry. It makes endo and crown preps so easy! With this I am able to serve my patients more efficiently and increase my bottom line signif…

Dr. Allen Gotora

Silver Spring, Maryland

Game Changer

It’s been close to 2 weeks since the course but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all of your wisdom during your endo CE course. I had a relatively simple endo on tooth #5 yesterday and blocked myself out towards the apex of the canals. I followed what you said and did little by little with 10HF…

Dr. Serah Uddaraju

White Plains, New York

Best Course Taken to Date

Having attended Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ 1hour molar RCT, BU, and Crown course,  I can tell you that it has been one of the best courses that I have taken to date.  This course was able to give me increased confidence in expanding my treatment of RCTs, has made my process more predictable, and has given me the …

Dr. Chase Funk

Twin Falls, Idaho

Monday Morning Implementation

Can’t wait until Monday Morning to start implementing what we learned. It was awesome! Literally, a step-by-strep course with justification, research backed, demonstration, and hands on. Could not have asked for anything more.

The systemization and rationale that Dr. Aaron Nicholas has put together mak…

Dr. Jason Crescenzo

Tinley Park, Illinois

Every Dentist Needs This Course

All I can say is WOW!  Dr. Nicholas’ One Hour Endo, Build Up and Crown course makes what was once a time consuming sequence of procedures simple and predictable.

I’ve been able to shave 30-45 minutes off of my usual chair time.  Not to mention an additional patient appointment if the procedures we…

Dr. Allison Scavuzzo

Freedom, Pennsylvania

Dental Practice Builder

The molar RCT/BU/Crown may not seem like a sexy procedure to add to your practice but I have found that it has been a huge patient satisfaction piece and dental practice builder for me.

Learning this technique in molar endo and endo in general has greatly improved my confidence and competence in providing this…

Dr. Darren Brower

Chino Valley, Arizona

Cut My Chair Time Down

In my world of PPO’s the difference between profit and loss rests solely on the details of efficiency. After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing an rct, bu and crown I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes. Thank you Dr. Nicholas.

Dr. K Pat Brown

Temeclua, California

Minimized Frustration

I highly recommend Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ course. His class helped my endo tremendously. That and his online course.

There’s so many tips and tricks that help the process and get you out of situations. I usually do 5-10 molar rct a week and the class made that an easy 5-10 vs frustrating 5-10

Dr. Sean O'Grady

Denver, Colorado

Meet Your Instructor

Most doctors can hardly conceive of performing a Molar Root Canal in an hour, much less the Root Canal, Buildup and Crown. I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 30 years now and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Like what does it really take to perform efficient high quality root canal therapy. A little secret, It’s not all that new stuff the big companies keep telling you that you have to have to do a good job. We’ll look at research- based information about what it really takes to do the job right. And we’ll get the Buildup and Crown done at the same time. This one day can actually get you looking forward to seeing those RCTs in your schedule and add big bucks to the bottom line!

Aaron Nicholas

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