One Hour Molar Root Canal, Build Up and Crown


Complete Molar Root Canal Therapy… Build Up and Crown in an Hour?
Impossible!…Or Is It?

Have you ever noticed that when an emergency patient needs to come in “right away”, it’s usually a molar that needs a root canal? Aren’t you tired of seeing them for an exam and x-ray only to refer them out to someone else?Now you can keep that emergency patient in your practice. You won’t have to refer them down the street to the endodontist…hoping they will return.

2.5 AGD CE Credits 



What if could you could master General Dentistry’s #1 most dreaded procedure?

My revolutionary system will allow you to predictably complete a Molar Root Canal, Buildup and Crown in about an hour with quality that would satisfy any specialist.

The One-Hour Molar Root Canal, Build up and Crown  system will finally allow you to perform molar root canals “in house” without having to rely on a specialist.

With this program, you will learn:

  • How to move through these two procedures (now done as one) in an hour of doctor time (your assistant still needs to make the temporary)
  • The steps that need to be tweaked to result in massive time savings for you and your patient.
  • How to almost never need to prescribe narcotic analgesics again.

The One Hour Molar Root Canal, Build up and Crown program includes the following.

  • A start to finish video of me, Dr. Nicholas, treating two different patients using this innovative technique…
    Complete with running clock
  • And discussions of each case and “what ifs”
  • A third case, close up, showing a multiple-tooth case with actual file-in-canal close ups of the technique
  • An operatory “cheat sheet” that we recommend you print out and keep in the operatory for the first few cases to help with procedure flow tooth
  • Material and supplier’s list.

If you are ready to learn how to take the stress and fear out of these procedures (for both you and the patient), then you want to pick up One Hour Molar Root Canal, Build Up and Crown today.

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