Efficient Extractions

Effortlessly Perform 90% of the Extractions that Come Through Your Door...  Every time.

This course provides a tried and true standardized protocol that allows for smooth and streamlined predictability on the procedures that you regularly perform:

Master minimally invasive extraction techniques

Accelerate and amplify your extractions with an innovative focus on the roots 

Navigate dynamic solutions for missing crowns or if a tooth breaks mid-procedure.

Learn why less flaps = an expedited and less taxing healing process

Develop a dynamic that allows you to slow down, and still finish QUICK!


In this video training, you will get to see in action 13 unique cases that cover a gamut of various extraction scenarios. After this training, you will look at the entire extraction process differently, and will have the tools you need to successfully perform the techniques skillfully on Monday morning!

What if surgical extractions became a routine part of your practice and you never had to refer patients out to a specialist again?


Imagine having the expertise, proficiency, and confidence to handle all extractions in-office with absolute certainty!

Imagine never referring a patient to a specialist again, all while decreasing your chair time, and increasing your bottom-line!

Course Description

Online Course

Modules,  3 CE Units

Within these cases, you will master:

Minimally invasive extraction techniques with ease

The importance of focusing on the roots for clean and straightforward extractions 

Most Importantly, how by slowing down, it actually allows you to finish faster, allowing more space on your schedule, and increasing your production! 

The 13 Clinical Procedures Include these Extraction Scenarios:

Intact teeth

Severely decayed teeth

Fractured teeth

Endodontically treated teeth

Roots only

Fractured roots

The training includes these topics:

The value and impact behind keeping extractions “in-house”

Setting the stage and creating an ideal oral environment for future implants

Understanding of instrumentation: more toys does not always equal higher success rates

Deciphering between productive cases and those that weigh down the schedule

Previous root canal therapy does NOT have to be an automatic referral!

Maneuvering patient communication comfortably before and after procedures.

Techniques that will keep your surgical extraction time at 15 minutes!

Meet your instructor

Most doctors can hardly conceive of performing a Molar Root Canal in an hour, much less the Root Canal, Buildup and Crown. I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 30 years now and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Like what does it really take to perform efficient high quality root canal therapy. A little secret, It’s not all that new stuff the big companies keep telling you that you have to have to do a good job. We’ll look at research- based information about what it really takes to do the job right. And we’ll get the Buildup and Crown done at the same time. This one day can actually get you looking forward to seeing those RCTs in your schedule and add big bucks to the bottom line!

~ Aaron Nicholas

What Others Members Are Saying

This system has revolutionized the way I do dentistry. It makes endo and crown preps so easy! I highly recommend this product to all”.

Dr. Allen Gotora
Silver Spring, Maryland

All I can say is WOW! Dr. Nicholas’ One Hour Endo, Build Up and Crown course makes what was once a time-consuming sequence of procedures, simple and predictable."

Dr. Alison Scavuzzo
Freedom, Pennsylvania

I highly recommend Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ course. His class helped my endo tremendously. There are so many tips and tricks that help the process and get you out of situations."

Dr. Sean O’Grady
Denver, Colorado

After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing an rct, bu and crown I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes. Thank you Dr. Nicholas.”

Dr. K Pat Brown
Temeclua, California

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