Ultimate Anesthesia

Alleviate patient anxiety by performing smooth and seamless anesthesia EVERY TIME!

Build your practice tremendously by delivering painless and profound anesthesia!

Master the tips and tricks to effortlessly numb your patients with ease, EVERY TIME!

By utilizing the advanced techniques demonstrated in the Ultimate Anesthesia system, you will successfully and skillfully learn the art of performing truly painless injections. During this 1 hour functional CE course, become a pro at managing even the most arduous anesthesia patients! I share the efficient approach I have developed to keep your schedule on track while still managing to effectively and painlessly numb patients before procedures.

Can you imagine PAIN FREE dentistry?

As Dental providers, we are often under scrutiny for our education, expertise, and technical skill level. Patients also tend to judge our skills and abilities based on these three questions:

“Does the restoration look and feel like my natural teeth?”

“Will the restoration provide the function and longevity I expect?”

And the most substantial factor: “Did my dentist hurt me?”

Take the Anxiety and Pain Out of Dentistry!

Patient satisfaction in these three areas will often determine if they will return to your office for future dental work. By mastering the art of a comfortable experience for your patient-base, you will ensure an individual who will come back for many years to come!

Imagine patients spreading the word to friends, family, and in online reviews! A provider that can provide a pain-free experience? What a game-changer for your practice!

Course Description

Put your patients at ease, confidently master the art of truly painless injections today!

There is a simple solution to this complex concern. Perfect the ability to anesthetize your patient effectively and quickly! Master a cornerstone skill that will take the fear out of dentistry for many, creating life-long and happy patients. Gain an exponential amount of new traffic as the word gets out that you can successfully administer anesthesia without inflicting pain! 

Online Course - 11 Modules,  1 CE Units

The Ultimate Anesthesia system will provide you with the practical tools and techniques you need to:

Skillfully administer painless and smooth injections to your patients

Proficiently numb your patients quickly and efficiently, while keeping on schedule!

Eliminate the fear surrounding pain that many patients experience during dental visits

Troubleshooting for when primary anesthesia isn’t working

FINALLY…eliminate the difficulties making the anesthesia process a no brainer!

With The Ultimate Anesthesia System Program: 

Confidently learn the techniques to deliver a profound and painless injection, every time!

Gain the dynamic tools to quickly anesthetize even your most difficult patient, and keep them numb and comfortable for the entire procedure.

Enjoy the benefits and ease of staying on schedule and maintaining consistent work-flow!

Eliminate fear and anxiety around pain, gaining life-long patients that will gladly recommend their friends and family!

Meet your instructor

Most doctors can hardly conceive of performing a Molar Root Canal in an hour, much less the Root Canal, Buildup and Crown. I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 30 years now and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Like what does it really take to perform efficient high quality root canal therapy. A little secret, It’s not all that new stuff the big companies keep telling you that you have to have to do a good job. We’ll look at research- based information about what it really takes to do the job right. And we’ll get the Buildup and Crown done at the same time. This one day can actually get you looking forward to seeing those RCTs in your schedule and add big bucks to the bottom line!

~ Aaron Nicholas

What Others Members Are Saying

This system has revolutionized the way I do dentistry. It makes endo and crown preps so easy! I highly recommend this product to all”.

Dr. Allen Gotora
Silver Spring, Maryland

All I can say is WOW! Dr. Nicholas’ One Hour Endo, Build Up and Crown course makes what was once a time-consuming sequence of procedures, simple and predictable."

Dr. Alison Scavuzzo
Freedom, Pennsylvania

I highly recommend Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ course. His class helped my endo tremendously. There are so many tips and tricks that help the process and get you out of situations."

Dr. Sean Oโ€™Grady
Denver, Colorado

After watching Dr. Nicholas’s lecture on his technique for performing an rct, bu and crown I was able to cut my chair time down by 25 minutes. Thank you Dr. Nicholas.”

Dr. K Pat Brown
Temeclua, California

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